December 21, 2009

Evening Prayers

Evening/Bedtime Prayer
1818-1887  ~ Oil on Canvas
Location Unknown
Eugène-Ernest Hillemacher

December 16, 2009

Colonial Dress

Unfortunately, this lovely Georgian pattern is out of print.  Butterick 3071 is the pattern we're talking about here, and it is really cool.  Anyway...
Once upon a time, what feels like a very long ago, there was a girl who didn't have a blog.  But she liked to sew, and had friends who liked to sew, and these friends had a lovely pattern.  (They still have it.  I wasn't on the ball enough to get it before went out of print :-( )  Anyway, there was this thing called Macktown in the area where bunches of families and kids go every year to see what life was like even longer ago.  So this little girl and her friend and her mom and here friends mom made dresses and went to the event and blended in with all the smart and historical fashiony people...

Sorry, that was weird.  I made this dress a long time ago, and my mom helped me a lot (I didn't even know how to gather).  But I realized that I never posted it.. so, no time like the present.  I got it out the other day and wore it to church.  Must to my chagrin, the dress was almost 6 inches to short.  Oh well.  I made the design on the left, except that mine was not a skirt, bodice and overskirt set.  It was one dresss, and we never really figured out how to make the bussels (spelling?) work on the dress version.  Without further ado, the dress!

Front and side views..
What is would look like if we figured out the bussels and what is looks like now. :-)
Look at the ghastly hem!
More views...

Like many dresses, the neckline was far to low for my, so we moved it up.  It still needed a ruffle though.  I think the ruffle adds a lot.

December 12, 2009


Ever wondered what feminism is and why it is so wrong?
Well, here are some resources.

"The Monstrous Regiment of Women" is a Gunn Brothers film that speaks out against feminism.  I've seen it, and I think it very edifying.  Women like Phyllis Schlafly, Jennie Chancey, and Stacy McDonald have all contributed, and it packs a very strong message.  Visit the site HERE.

Another site is Lizzy's "Tinker Girl's Blog".  She has done two great posts on anti-feminism and has some lovely sidebar graphics.  My favorites are below.  Head on over, read, and learn.

December 4, 2009

Dance in the City

Dance in the City
1883 ~ Oil on canvas
Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Pierre Auguste Renoir

December 3, 2009

Women Washing Clothes by a Stream

Women Washing Clothes by a Stream
 ~ Oil on Canvas
Public Collection
Daniel Ridgway Knight

Emma Giveaway by Elise!

Elise at Ribbons of Light is having a giveaway of Emma  1996 on DVD!  Head on over and check it out.  The deadline is December 10th.