September 15, 2017

sept fifteen

50mm     ISO320     f/2.5     1/400     5:41PM(Eastern)     9/15/17
Guys.  I haven't seen her smile like that before.  That's Brittany overflowing with joy because she gets to marry her gentle giant tomorrow. <3 nbsp="" p="">
(North Carolina sunsets are magic)

September 14, 2017

sept fourteen

50mm     ISO1250     f/1.8     1/160     8:09PM(Eastern)     9/14/17
Tequilah survived the 15 hour drive to North Carolina and loves the AirBnB.

Peace out.

September 13, 2017

sept thirteen

50mm     ISO320     f/2.2    1/1250      6:31PM     9/13/17
Caught some fairies in the evening glow.

Actually they're the really bad kind of fairies called mosquitos, but they sure are pretty that far away instead of all over my neck. :)

sept twelve

50mm    ISO500     f/2.8     1/200     9:02PM     9/12/17
This is my sweet Dad.  His whole summer has been working to support our family during the day and working in the shop at night to make this bed for he and my Mom.  He's designed the whole thing and is just finishing the last drawer tonight.  Sometimes engineers get laughed at for not being "creative," but I think it's just a different kind of creativity.  He is precise, yes, but he's also added so many little details and flourishes.  He routinely says, "happiness is a perfectly cut dovetail."  I so admire his creativity and skill in the workshop and love all the hours I've spent learning from him there.  I'm so proud of my Papa!