January 28, 2010


     In honor of finally getting my etsy set up, I'm hosting a giveaway!  The prize is this purple and brown necklace I made.  So...to enter...
The first entry: comment and tell me what you would call it
And another entry: post about it on your blog (comment with the post url)
I hope you like it!

Deadline: February 14

Like on a keyboard?

On Wednesday night, at prayer meeting I was talking with two of the cutest kids ever.  Anika and Caleb (ages approx. 5 and 7) Are coming over to our house on Sunday with the rest of their family for lunch and some fellowship, so I decided I would try to get to know them better.  Here are two snippets of our conversation.  If your not sitting down, do so. :-)

Moi: "When you come over to our house maybe we could paint, that is one of Emily's favorite things to do"
Anika: "Sure! I love painting!...How do you paint? I've never painted before."

So I explain what painting is in the simplest form I can.  A little later...

Caleb: "Do you have games?"
Moi: "Oh yes, we have tons of games.  What do you like to play?"
Caleb: "Oh, well one we have is zombie slayer..."
Moi: "Oh... well, we don't have any video games...(I'm assuming that it is a video game?  Anybody ever heard of it?!)"
Caleb: "Then what games do you play?'
Moi: "Well, we have lots of board games and some card..."
Caleb: "Like on a keyboard?"
Moi: *?* "No, you play them, well, you play them on a board, you know, like cardboard, yeah, cardboard!  With pieces?..."

It was an experience.  I think they are in for a bit of culture shock this coming Sunday. :-)

The coolest new kid on the block

The iPad

January 27, 2010


Let me know what you think!
(Especially about the prices)

January 24, 2010

Revised Banners...

Perhaps I made it more difficult. :-)  Anyway, my Mom explained that if I left it people would pronounce it "jaw-snazz" and I really couldn't have that, so hopefully taking both of my name suggestions will make "joe-snazz" a more natural conclusion.  Also, the subtitle on the orange flower is darker and the shadow was taken off, hopefully making it easier to read.  And I figured that if I did decide to sell something else, I could just change the subtitle.  Vote for a font too. :-)

January 23, 2010

Etsy banners...

Hey!  I'm trying to get my etsy up and started, but I need some help.  Which banner, why, or neither and tell me what is wrong. Thanks so much!

*EDIT* - 1/24/10
Thanks so much for all your help! Now let me see if I can answer all the questions in a reasonable order... I took the photos, and I wish I could use the whole thing, the full versions look so much better, but that would make a very bulky banner. :-)
I didn't actually edit them at all just cropped them. Perhaps I should sharpen the bottom one like Nana said... anyhow, I made them in "Pages" (macs are amazing) and if I edited them, it would be in iPhoto. I appreciate your suggestions about the name... Here were my thoughts:
Josnazz sounds and looks the most like a brand name to me.
Organizing Mommy is my mother and grammar teacher; Jo-snazz is grammatically correct and I'm strongly considering it. JoSnazz is a good idea too, thanks Lauren, I had never thought of it.

Linnea, I've really been thinking about it, and jewelry/beaded stuff is going to be mainly what I'm selling, but I'm just warry of setting it in stone because there are other things I could potentially sell. I think I'm erring on the over cautious side. :-)

Let me take all your considerations into account and make a few more banners, I'll post them when they're done.

January 20, 2010

I won a sunbonnet!

Well, I actually won something!  What do think of that?  There is a first for everything. :-)
Thank you so much Sarah for hosting the giveaway!  I love the bonnet.  Here are some pictures.

January 17, 2010

Little black skirt: Concert Edition

Pattern: McCalls 5431

I called this one "concert edition" because I made it to wear both to my viola recital and my Messiah performance.  What do you guys think?  I think I used the wrong type of fabric or made the wrong size...it only laid right half the time. :-)  Oh well.

January 11, 2010

True Beauty by Leslie Ludy

Hat tip to Zoe at Joyful Sounds...


   Yes, my faithful blog readers, I'm back for the moment.  I didn't do a New Year's post, I didn't do a Christmas post, I didn't post about my adorable sister's 5th birthday.  Yes, I am a blogging failure, but I assure you, I'm a little more interesting in real life.  Things I have done recently that everyone MUST do.
Read Jane Eyre, it is so good.  Listen to some classical music, I don't care if it isn't "cool".  Start with Johann Strauss, Jr. :By the Beautiful Blue Danube.  It is just gorgeous.  And memorize scripture.  I didn't realize how important this was till a couple months ago, and God will use it.  Just do it.  And I thought I would share this "flair" with you.  Flair is an app on facebook and there are millions of these things, but I thought I would share just this one with you.

School starts tomorrow!!!!