April 30, 2014

3 Things

  • Need some career advice? Just ask Mike Rowe
  • Did you ever say "Sooorrrryyyy!" as a kid? I sure did.  Apologizing is so much more than just saying the word "sorry" though.  This article on saying sorry is quite good. 
  • Can I get a resounding amen to this?!  Jeff Bethke makes some very good points. Modesty is good, but when it breeds legalism it can destroy. 

April 15, 2014

3 Things

  • We've recently rediscovered the Sons of Korah band as a family and constantly have them playing over the big BOSE system.  Check them and the Psalm project out!

  • I shot my brother and his friends before they went to the homeschool prom and had such a good time.  You can see more photos here. These are two of my favorite people.  Oh, and I made the dress and bow tie. :-) More details on that to come. Pinky promise.
  • I don't want to spoil the video by telling you what it's about, but this is so great.  Talk about under appreciated! 

April 7, 2014

3 Things

  • The first part of this post by Kenzie Kate made me gasp and hold my breath till I was done reading.  This is my heart-beat.  people over places.  Take me to see the world, but it's the world's people I want to be with, to share with, to laugh and cry with.  Show me the beauty of a building, sea, or mountain, but I'd sooner see its beauty reflected in the eye of a friend.  These things are fleeting, but these people are eternal.  Give me your eyes, Lord!
  • This photo story brought tears to my eyes.  The photos are good, but the stories are remarkable.    When I studied Rwanda two years ago I found a special place in my heart for it's people because the genocide of Rwanda was happening when I was born.  For my entire life, these same people have been hurting and angry, and finally there is peace and forgiveness.  I've seen people forgive one another. I've read stories of forgiveness. I've seen pictures of forgiveness. And you know what? I cry every time.  I am so reminded of my crimes and my sins and the forgiveness that God has so willingly granted me that I break down and cry through my smiles.  I've felt that peace they talk about and am forever grateful.
  • I've got an engineers brain like my Dad.  It's usually very useful, but sometimes I feel like this "expert." I can do anything.  :-)  If you have 7 minutes and know an engineer you'll find it super funny.