October 21, 2010

Peach Eyelet Dress - April 2009

Many of you probably don't remember this post from last year, and with good reason.  The pictures were severely lacking.  While going through my blogger archives in search of posts to create my "couture" page I ran across it and decided that since I really like the dress, it deserves some good pictures, and one that actually have me in them :-)  So, here are the pictures!

 Here are back and twirly views...

 And how I wore it most recently...

October 19, 2010

Finished Flowered Knit dress

It is done!  And here are the details...
I made a short version of view A from simplicity's pattern 2580.  For the beginning see the previous post, or click here.

This was a very easy pattern, you almost don't need the directions!  However, I did read them, like a good little girl and noticed that they didn't really tell you what to do with the neat little "flutter" sleeves.  I  pinned from the top and crossed them over at the bottom.  Since it is the underarm seam it won't be seen very often, but it looks nice anyway. :-)  
I had a hard time hemming the sleeves though.  The combination of sharp curves, stretchy knit, and metal pins made it quite stressful.
Per the previous post you all know that I felt the dress was uncomfortably short. I would sit down and it would come up way over me knees.  So I added a ruffle.  It was already hemmed because it used to be the bottom of a rather full gored skirt.  Gotta love recycling!  And I didn't have to hem anymore knit, which made me even happier.

The "sash" is *cough* navy bias tape.


Here are the side and back views...
Stay tuned for pictures of my celtic costume!

October 15, 2010

Flowered Knit Dress Progress

So...this has been quite the sewing week, despite my raw throat and cold.  Yesterday I whipped this dress up out of some lovely tan/green/lime/aqua/navy/yellow-gold flowered knit that I got at Joanns.  It was red tag, so it was probably $2.50 a yard.   I used the above pattern, Simplicity 2580 - view b with the flutter sleeves.

Now the dilemma.  Wouldn't be posting if there weren't a catch right?  Just kidding. :-)

It is too short, to slinky, and too...loud/printy/?

I don't know, something is rubbing me the wrong way, so I'm adding a blue microsuede ruffle at the bottom and maybe a very skinny sash type thing to break up the, you know, the print.

Can you tell I don't sew in big prints very often?! :-)

Anyway, good pictures of the final product and a full review on sunday or monday!

October 14, 2010

Almost done!

Just grommets and lacing left!  Yay!

No, it is not a purple and green plaid.  It just looks like it. :-)

It is actually a navy and dark green.

Details to follow

October 13, 2010

British Court Dress

Words fail me...

Ok, not quite.

What on earth?!!

Hey, guess what!  Somebody actually wore that!

Sorry.  Sarcasm ends here.

All in all, I think that the fabric, sleeves, and bodice are gorgeous.

I've seen these before, but they weren't that big.

What do you think?

October 6, 2010

Celtic Ensemble Progress

I got the rest of the fabric I need for my celtic costume!  I'm so excited to get working on it.