April 8, 2015


Confession time guys.  I'm not 20.  I'm actually a 40 year old and a 3 year old trapped simultaneously in a 20 year old body.

I'm taking a Leadership communication course right now.  You know, efficient leadership, motivating people, emotional intelligence, changing the world.  High brow, deep stuff.  I'm in the middle of a paragraph on adding value to every situation you are in when I somehow end up on Pinterest.  Crazy, right?

Well, normally these detours last 1.5 minutes.  This time I clicked through a picture on spring break ideas for your preschooler.  [Background: we are not on spring break, we do not have a preschooler in our house, and I'm the only one home right now]  A couple clicks later and I'm on this article about flubber.  Normal people would move on or pin the thing, right?  Right.  Unfortunately, normal and I aren't getting along today.  Long gone are thoughts of followership and leadership theory.  In their place are "Hey!  We HAVE Borax!  I think we have glue too . . . food coloring can't be hard to find. . ."

Some simple math(approximations) later and a climb on top of the washer later, I sit back down in my study corner with some lemon/sunshine yellow flubber, and the most ridiculous grin.  This, my friends, is the life of a hopelessly professional procrastinator.

Your resident 3 year old