April 12, 2011

Masquade Gown Part 1

Our Spring Banquet at Hallstrom this year has a masquerade theme!  I was so excited when that theme won.  How often do you get to go to a masquerade ball?  I mean really!  So of course I'm making my gown.  I didn't want to go in a formal and just wear a mask.  That doesn't fill the masquerade bill for me. It you are wearing a modern dress it has to be couture quality. :-)  Lots of folds and feathers.  Otherwise, you need to wear something historical, like a Marie Antoinette gown. :-)

I was inspired by Celine's Maire dress.

I am using Simplicity 4092

from fabric.com- Eggplant taffeta, fuchsia taffeta, and lace (I can't remember what it is called).
Lined and underlined with a sturdy pink tablecloth I got second hand for $5

I am overlaying the bodice with lace and beading it randomly with purple shell rocks, white freshwater pearls, and purple glass beads.

Stay tuned for further progress!
I'm currently having a lot of trouble with the sleeves... :-(