November 19, 2010

My dear readers

(our boat)
   I feel like such an awful blogger. I don't always answer comments, it is sometimes weeks between posting, and yet I read all your blogs.  And don't comment, which is even worse. :-)  Everybody loves comments right?  Anyway, I will not be posting because we are going on a week cruise to the Eastern Caribbean!  I have 4, no, 5 sewing projects to post about, the Reformation Day Faire post to finish up, and lots of pictures, but unfortunately, you won't see anything for 10 days.  Sorry!  I leave you with a picture.

(one of our islands, St. Marteen)

images courtesy of Google.

November 15, 2010

Mary Magadalene

Check out this super neat site!  I would love to recreate some of their dresses one day.


So...We're going on a cruise.  As most of you know, one must attend some formal nights.  Yipee!  But what to wear?  Don't have anything?  make something!  This is the before of a dress I made for trip, but I was NOT happy Bob, NOT HAPPY.  I looked awful!  Aahh!  

So, now that you have seen that bad one, you can wait on the edge of your seat, until I get pictures of the good one!  I really like. :-)

November 9, 2010

Interview With Little Dude

Because my little sister is hilarious!  We didn't tell her to say any of this, she just spouted it off as if it were an interview!

November 4, 2010

Because there are so many cute skirts and ideas out there!

Celtic Outfit Pictures

Here it is!  The finished celtic ensemble!

Pattern: Simplicity 3623
View: A
I used Navy cotton and Kona Muslin for the vest, and a polyester silky sort of blend for the skirt.  Gold eyelets (because I couldn't find grommets =( ) and black cord were used to lace up the vest.

The pattern was very easy, but there were a few things I didn't understand.  Why are we gathering and darting the skirt?  Why are we binding the bottom of the bodice with twill tape?  Why are the sleeves on the shirt short? (note to self, lengthen sleeves...)  And last but not least, why is boning so obstinate?!

Twirl!  By the Way, there is horsehair braid in the hem, so it sticks out nicely. :-)
The outfit in action. :-)
Eyelets y bias binding

Click on pictures for larger views =)