October 28, 2014

And when life gets rough, you dance.

I have never been so busy in my entire life.  Four College classes, three jobs, prepping to lead a Bible study, Speech club, Messiah rehearsals, helping plan a friend's wedding, a Halloween ball, hygiene, eating, Pen-pals, sleeping, gym.  I just realized that it isn't humanly possible to finish everything that I have to do this week.  No matter how much I do in a day there's more to start the minute I wake up again.  I feel swallowed.

Sometimes when I'm about to drown I start to laugh and think about what it will be like to look back in a couple months and remember how stressed out I was and how small a part of my life it was.

Sometimes I need to close the books, delay the meetings, put off the dishes, and take five minutes to forget.

Sometimes I need to slow dance by myself in the living room to this^ song.

Then things seem a little bit brighter,
a little more possible,
and a little more at peace. 

October 20, 2014

3 Things

Emm wanted to make a doll, and when she saw Lupita Nyong'o on this magazine, she knew exactly what she wanted it to look like.  She named it Latisha.