June 9, 2015

SOK Concert and Kopp's

Last weekend my best friend and I met my family in Milwaukee for a Sons of Korah concert.  Sons of Korah is (a highly underrated) Australian music group that is working on the Psalms Project.  They have 10 CDs out so far.

Their sound takes a little getting-used-to at first for some, but their interpretations of the Psalms are brilliant.  Psalm 94 from their recent album is an angry song, but it perfectly portrays the depth and emotion of the psalmist.  The commentary in-between the songs was wonderful and worshipful.

The humor, brought mostly by the far left and right musicians was also refreshing amidst the serious and sincere moments.  Overall, a wonderful concert.  An added plus was accidentally sitting two rows behind some friends from various parts of WI.  We all headed to Kopp's for custard afterward to round out the evening of fellowship.

It's supposed to be the BEST custard.  I'm not a connoisseur, so I'll take their word for it.

 Parents and friend's from WI.

 Typical Bro shot
 Sharing is caring.  Especially when a coffee flavor is involved.

What a stud.

Boo is the best.