December 28, 2011

Carolyn + Philip︱Engaged

Hello all!  I hope you aren't sick of photo posts. :-)  There IS sewing stuff coming, I promise.  A couple weeks ago Carolyn and Philip and I braved the gelid weather to get some engagement photos. :-)
Carolyn is in our local church, so we've known her for quite some time.  She and Philip just got engaged this past summer/fall.  They met over 10 years ago at a Bible camp! 

Philip is a medic in the army and just finished Boot Camp recently.  Carolyn is in nursing school.  They may not get married for another two years yet because Carolyn is still in school, but I'm so glad they decided to get pictures.  Wouldn't you want pictures is you were away from your fiancé for months at a time?  I know I would.

Check out the boots. :-)  Army issue.  I'm an "air force brat," as they call it but I don't participate in the rivalry between USAFA and West Point...ok, sometimes, and just in a joke.  Having family in the military and/or going into the military has given me a great appreciation for all military personnel.

Carolyn, you have gorgeous eyes!

December 27, 2011

Grandma like "Woah!"

So, my sibs and I pretty much have the best grandparents ever.  One in particular, Grandma Judy, is extreme.  Have you guys seen the first Hoodwinked?  (I haven't seen the second one so I can't recommend it)  It is pretty neat and one of the main characters is "Granny,"  or "GGG," as you find out later.  BTW, you say that "Triple G."  :-)  For a while my older brother has been calling my maternal grandmother "GGG" because she is so cool and it just stuck.  Recently, my brothers showed this Julian Smith video to my grandma and she kinda took a liking to it.

Julian takes some getting used to and his humor style isn't my thing, but he does have some funny videos. Check out "Handbag" and "With Child" for some laughs.  Anyway, she bought the guys gansta hoodies for Christmas, so we had to take a picture. :-)  Grandma is being "righteous" and reading her Bible. :-)

December 25, 2011

Preston Family

 Meet Grace!  Grace brought her parents up for a weekend at our house in early December.  :-)  You may recognize her, or at least her mother from her mother's blog, Humble Beginnings.  Jenny first came to our house about a year and a half ago and we had a blast.  This time we got to meet her husband and cute little baby!

 And of course, we had to take pictures. :-)  They were only here for a weekend and we had lots of activities planned so all of these shots are just around or in our house.  Enjoy!

Gracie, you are gorgeous. 

Check out the above dress!  Gracie's grandma made it all by hand. :-)  Isn't it gorgeous? 

 I love the expressions we got out of Gracie.

Thanks so much for letting me take your pictures!

December 10, 2011

Family Pictures on Thanksgiving

Hello all!  I just wanted to share a few of OUR family pictures we took of Thanksgiving Day.  Jamie was home, so we snagged the opportunity and the tripod and ran outside.  It had rained earlier, but then wetness went away and left us with a whole sky of softbox. :-)

All photos were edited in Lightroom 3.

We have fun. :-)

The Guys.  <3
Hud, Daddy, J✭, Than

The Girls
Mommy, Emmy, Moi

Webber Ninjas.

This may take a little explaining.  The "Big Kids," meaning the four oldest have our own secret gang.  Complete with an exclusive facebook group.  Yeah, we're cool like that. :-)  Jamie decided on a whim to call it Webber Ninjas.  It is a nice way for us all to keep up, especially as Jamie is away at College now and I'll be leaving next summer as well.  What do we talk about?  I guess you'll never know...;-)

The Ninja photos were taken by my Dad, as well as the picture of us girls.


December 8, 2011

Soda Shop Angel

This fall our Homeschool co-op put on the play "Soda Shop Angel."  It was my first play and I think it went pretty well.  I got to know the people in the cast better and I learned a good deal.  It was set in the 1550s, so I made a poodle skirt (Post on that sometime in the future).  Before the play we also acted in skirts.  Since this is a picture heavy post, though I'm not posting even a quarter of the photos I took,  I'll be adding a page break...Enjoy these backstage pictures!

Stevenson Family

This is the Stevenson family.  They have got to be the cutest family ever!  Wow.  I almost died of over-exposure to cuteness that weekend.  They have 6 kids and another on the way!  Mr. Stevenson came to speak at our church and the family stayed at our house.  On Sunday afternoon (before lunch, which was not a good idea :-)  those will little siblings will understand) we stopped by a field on the way home and took some pictures for their Christmas cards etc.  Enjoy!

 Father/Daughter sweetness!  It was a bit windy.

It's Coco!

 It was windy.  Otherwise they wouldn't have been facing the sun.... Oh well.  


Caleb!  All the girls want the new baby to be another boy. :-)

Kels!  So cute!  I got some terrific smiles out of her just in our home.  I shall have to share those sometime...

Hope!  Now the big responsible sister, but I knew her when she was Kelsey's age!

Did I mention it was windy?!  
How can you resist so much red hair and freckles?  Thankfully the girls didn't ask me to do to much, because it would have been SO hard to say no!

December 5, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Hello all!  We haven't had a lot of snow here yet, just dustings here and there, but it is definitely started to feel like winter!  How I love the holidays. :-)  Check out Simplyaccapela on Youtube!  It is so encouraging to see Christian girls using their talents to God's glory!

November 30, 2011

Sewing things

Hello all!  I'm now interrupting my photo like to talk about sewing!  Yay!  
First off, I'm not a black Friday shopper.  I actually don't enjoy shopping nearly half as much as you all probably do.  However, when Cyber Monday came around (I didn’t know there was a such thing till this past Monday) I saw some good deals.  For example, Jenny Chancey of Sense and Sensibility Patterns was having a 25% off sale.  That is the biggest sale they have ever had that I can remember.  So...I picked up two patterns. :-)  The Regency Underthings Pattern 

and the Girls 1780s Portrait Dress Pattern.  I hope to make my little sister a dress for Christmas and I have the fabric for a regency gown, but I want to make period correct undergarments first.   I heard today that they shipped, so I’m super excited. :-)
And then I popped over to McCalls, quite by chance and saw that their $15.95 patterns were on $1.99...(That means butterick, and vogue too)so I got a couple.  :-)  I bought some to make costumes for my brothers/myself, a skirt pattern for me and a dress pattern for my little sister. :-)
Butterick 3072 - For my brothers.  I don't know when we'll need them, but hey, they sure are cool!
McCalls 4698- I've always wanted a cape...They work with all eras except our own. :-)

Butterick 5061-I was captivated by the nightgown in this one.  I don't know why exactly.

Vogue 8729- Ah yes.  Vintage. :-)  I'm in love with this full skirt and huge bow.  I'm not a fan of low backs, but the high neck on this one almost makes up for it.  

Butterick 3134-This pattern wouldn't probably have grabbed my attention, but one of my favorite bloggers, Olivia, over at Eager Hands can't say enough good things about it.  So I've got to try it out. :-)

Butterick 4967-This was just to cute.  I think the chiffon in the example won me over...:-)

Butterick 5371- And what is a dashing brother without his accessories?  Worst case, or perhaps best case they won't want them and I can dress up as maid marian, or snow white from Once Upon A Time, or turn that belt into and awesome Prince Caspianesque Narnian belt?  What think ye?  

More sewing posts to come...After I finish all my school work!  :-)  So..Next Wednesday?  Hehe.  Just kidding.  I'll post before then.  Pinky just won't be sewing probably.