August 30, 2013

The Morning Chronicles...

Reasons you should get dressed as soon as you get up

  1. It helps you wake up.  Especially when you have to get up early.
  2. It helps you be more productive because you feel ready to attack the world, instead of wander around online till noon.
  3. It makes you feel good about yourself.  You feel put together and might even workout and eat a healthy breakfast instead of lounging all day.
  4. And, certainly not least, your brothers may have friends staying the night and not bother to tell you.  When they come upstairs you are completely flustered that there is an extra and rush to get dressed.  This results in seriously flawed outfits, fashionably speaking, and multiplied awkwardness.  
One or all of these may have happened recently.   SO thankful my pajamas are halfway decent.

The end.  Get dressed.

August 24, 2013

Lila Rose Giveaway!

Have you ever heard of Lila Rose's Flexi hair clips?  Well, you're about to!


To celebrate the beginning of school, I'm hosting a giveaway for my friend Christianna.  Check out her business page with Lila Rose!

August 13, 2013

Nor The Terror That Comes By Night

"I was eight, and I was scared. I lay in bed surrounded by darkness and pillows, the covers pulled up to my chin--my eyes wide and watchful. I was petrified..." 

Hello all!  I've written an essay for a scholarship contest with CollegePlus!  I would make me so happy if you would go and read it and then vote for me.  Would you share it with your friends as well?  Every vote helps.  You can vote once per day per computer/iPod. :-)  Check it out HERE.

August 12, 2013

The girls go to Port Franks, Canada

"I do believe the clouds are bigger in Canada."  

In July, Grandma took her girls to Canada.  It was my first time!  On our way to Niagara Falls, we stopped in Port Franks to visit my Great Aunt and Uncle.  My mom's cousin Laura and her two kids met us there.  It was a very relaxing time.  My Mom and Grandma and Laura and Auntie Jan talked and laughed the whole time.  It was strangely freeing to be able to just sit and listen or read or wander off with my thoughts.  I'm good at that. :-)  I took photos just for me.  

Port Franks sits right on the lovely lake Huron.  We beached all morning and went antique shopping all afternoon.  That's what I call vacation.

Honestly, it was the best beach experience I have ever had.  In general I find beaches uncomfortable, but this was completely new.

This is why I take pictures for myself.  I want to remember moments like these.  My Grandma and her sister chatting and laughing on the beach.  My sister and cousins building sandcastles.

Big sun-hats are life-savers.  

As it turns out, the kids lost steam on their castle and decided to come help me decorate mine. :-)

In the afternoon we visited my Aunt's antique shop, Cottage Treasures, and later my Uncle's.  We all got hats (mine is fantastic, but you'll have to wait to see all of it's vintage wonder).  I also picked up a sewing pattern and my Grandma bought me a typewriter!  Score.  Big time.

Oh... yes.  And wigs.  Let's just say I really should never ever ever dye my hair black.  Ick.

Car ride to the beach listening to Hawai'ian Slack Key Guitar?  It was almost surreal.

Aunts and Nieces

Ava is a mermaid, in case you were wondering. :-)

There were antique Barbies and other toys in our room.

Emmy takes her half out of the middle. :-) 

On the last day they all matched!  

Then it is off to meet up with my big brother Jamie in Niagara!