April 25, 2010

Feelin' Feminine Challenge Day 5

Eggplant shirt from Walmart (GEORGE)
Denim skirt from thrift store
Hair: twisted up and secured with 3 octopus clips
And an out-of-focus flower, just because

April 7, 2010

Feelin' Feminine Challenge Day 4

A lounge around the house and watch David Copperfield kind of day, didn't go out.
Top: Long sleeved light pink sweater from GAP
Robotics sweater
Bottom: Very cool denim skirt from Style J (see side bar for link)
Hair: I wore it down today, which I don't normally do.  The waves and curls are the result of the bun-type-thing yesterday

Feelin' Feminine Challenge Day 3

Tuesday I wore two outfits, because of what we had to do.  In the morning, at our homeschool co-op I wore the denim skirt below, again, from good will, and a olive polo shirt with a tan sweater.  Then, since I was giving a speech at our Eloquentia Gavel Club, I had to change.  I wore the same brown skirt as Monday, and a pink striped button down.  Sorry about the poor pictures, but it was quite a dreary day, and I couldn't take picture till we got home.
Top: Polo Shirt from Walmart
Beige sweater from Khols
Bottom: Denim skirt from Goodwill (Lauren Jean Co. a branch of Ralph Lauren)
Hair: Shoved up into a messy-bun right after a shower

April 5, 2010

Feelin' Feminine Challenge Day 2

Todays outfit just came together, I got up early, and didn't get dressed till nine, but I didn't feel like posting my pajamas. Just Kidding!

Top: Brown pleated blouse with turquoise flowers over a almost matching T-shirt (It is too big, so I have to safety pin the back, or else I'll look 3 months pregnant)
Bottom: New favorite skirt from Goodwill!  Fine brown corduroy in 8 gores from Eddie Bauer. *so comfortable*
Hair: Half Pony

And a couple more pictures, just because getting any decent self portraits is an accomplishment!

April 4, 2010

Feelin' Feminine Challenge Day 1

Hair: Ponytail
Top: Turquoise T-shirt from Khols
Orange Crossover top from Goodwill (Ann Taylor)
Bottom: Tiered pattern skirt from Goodwill

Recent Seasons

of life and nature   
  as captured through my current camera...
Little Sis...
with a loose missing tooth.
Not-So-Little Little Brother entering highschool soon
Big brother going to College
Littlest brother...techy as ever
A lonely contrail
Makes me think of our countrymen MIA
My Grace is sufficient for you...
Farewell to winter
Welcome Spring!

New Patterns!

     Every couple months Joann Fabrics has a sale on their patterns.  This past week Simplicity patterns were on sale for 99 cents, so, as I was getting fabric and notions for a special project, I picked some up.

16th century costumes
Simplicity 2589 and 2621

18th Century Costumes
Simplicity 3637 and 3635

April Feelin' Feminine Challenge

     I'll be participating in the Feelin' Feminine skirt challenge this week again!  I had so much fun last time, and you will too.  Jenna at Feminine Farmgirl is hosting the challenge this month.  Go to her site or to Feelin' Feminine to learn more!