February 24, 2010

Molly Gibson's Blue Frock - A project to start

This is my absolute favorite gown from the miniseries "Wives and Daughters".  I've been thinking about duplicating it for a while, but I wasn't so sure I wanted to start drafting on such a big project.  I took some screen captures during the film, and am putting the best ones up here.  I'll give my observations on the dress's features beneath the photo that shows it best.  To start, it is a romantic dress, meaning from the romantic era.  The Romantic era is sandwiched in-between the Regency and Victorian eras, so in this film you get a wide variety of fashions and transitional gowns.

It is a sleeveless dress, technically known as a jumper.  Molly wears it with a couple different white, or off-white blouses throughout the course of the movie.

Both the back and the front of the bodice sport scooped necklines.  Although I cannot see any darts, I can only assume that there are because of the way it fits the actress.

Buttons, buttons, buttons.  All the way down, but are they useable?  I highly doubt that there is forty or so button holes in this dress.  AND, even if there is, I'M not putting them there. :-)  Of course, the top few should be real, but is it necessary to do it the whole way down?!  Who knows, perhaps I will, and hand-stitch them all.

One thing that is quite obvious is the white trim that goes around the neckline, down the front, and then around the hem.

There is also a belt, but I doubt that it is attached.

Ankle length...

Fitted bodice, and a skirt that is gathered almost all the way around.  The very front, probably 2 inches on either side of the trim that surrounds the buttons is not gathered.

Now we come to the end.  After seeing all this, I was pretty sure I could do it, then I remembered.  "Hey, remember when you were going through the show and tell sections of Jennie Chancey's Sense and Sensibility patterns website?  You saw a pink version of a dress kinda like this...maybe...just maybe... Go Check it out!"  

And so I did, and sure enough, there it was, the Romantic Era Pattern!  So, I have purchased it, and await the time when I will see the perfect fabric on clearance and the perfect buttons and trim at a garage sale or on sale!

Thinking in Aqua

Its true!  Ever since I heard I've been thinking in aqua, light blue, teal, and lime green!  Its snowing out, and I have an insane urge to photograph some shells my great grandmother picked up years ago?

Well, it is quite simple.  We're going on a CRUISE!  For their 50th wedding anniversary, my grandparents are taking my family and all my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins on a week long cruise in the Caribbean Sea!  You too would grab every coral, sponge, and shell you could find and photograph it.  Trust me.  We're not going till November, for Thanksgiving, but I'm still really excited.  Emily is too.  She picked out her favorite shells and named them. :-)

L-R Row 1: Jena, Kelsi, Faxy, Guitar Pick
Row 2:Kenrietta, Juli, Mozzarella, John
Row 3: Charlotte, Will, Emily, and Duke.
Here is our ship, the princess Ruby!

Have a lovely day!

February 21, 2010

Winter Olympics Pairs Skating Choice

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison

     This Canadian team didn't place in this Olympics, but I thought that they put on a great show.  Because of their program, even with its mistakes, their comeback, and their costume fashion, they are my favorite.  We'll just have to admit that they weren't the best, and I'm glad they didn't win, the Chinese couple definitely deserved it.  However, they are still my favorite pair.  I enjoyed their program, and I admire them for getting back on the ice.  In 2007, in Colorado, Jessica's face was slashed by her partner Bryce's skate blade while doing camel spins.  As a pair, to get back out on the ice, keep competing, and make it to the Olympics is very admirable.  Now onto the costumes. :-)  When they skated out the first thing I thought was: "Wow! Her chest is covered!".  I mean really, what is it about ice skaters and practically wearing nothing?  Anyway, I love the rick-rack, it gives Jessica's outfit a sort of vintage feel.  And, since Bryce's outfit could actually be worn, like, in real life, I think it gets a pretty good score.  Apart from the usual tightness and shortness of the skirts, I think this is the most modest outfit I've seen.
I love her hair too!

February 20, 2010

Knitting inspiration

If I ever become really good at knitting, this sweater from aerie would be on the top of the list!

February 17, 2010

Necklace Winner!

And the winner is...
#4!  JenW from Nauvoo!
Her name was "Lavender Earth"
Please comment with your address!

February 10, 2010

Like on a keyboard? The Continuation...

So, two weeks ago, as planned this family came over for lunch.  We didn't play video games, we didn't watch TV, and they didn't die!  We didn't play board games either, but we did paint.  These kids are so fun and outgoing, it was a pleasure to get to know the family better.
Caleb's painting

Like, probably all artists, I'm very picky about the water colors not getting mixed, which, of course is a rather hard concept for younger kids.  I spent the whole time drawing houses for them to color in, getting new water, cleaning out the watercolors and keeping the permanent marker off the table. :-)

Owen and Karissa

Before the paints came out I was able to hold Owen for a while and play with Karissa.  Anika had said that she liked Barbies, so she and Emily ran downstairs and played with them for a while.  Karrissa was happy with just about everything, and made imaginary food the whole time.  Oh, to be little again. :-)

February 8, 2010

She made it herself!

Head on over to Shannon's blog and look at her wedding photos.  She made her wedding dress!  I'm SO doing that. :-)  But what Era?...

February 1, 2010

The Red Dress

Yesterday I woke up with a crazy urge to wear a dress.  That is a first.  Anyway, all the ones I have made are summer dresses, so I started thinking...  "Hey Mommy, do you remember when we got those matching read dresses from Chadwicks like 6 years ago and I didn't like mine so I gave it to you?..."  Well, we found one of them.  It was very big on me and had an unacceptable neckline, so after wearing it once I decided I wouldn't be wearing it out of the house again.  Well, now it is a lot shorter than it was and the sleeves are a little short, but I roll them up anyway (nervous habit I suppose) so that didn't matter.  It was still a bit baggy...so I added the only large belt I have.  Was it a fashion faux pas?  I'm thinking back to everything I've read on Amandabeth Online and trying to decide... Anyhow, my friends liked it. :-)

On another note, that same Amanda Beth is hosting another fashion event!  Head over to her blog to check it out.