June 23, 2010

Something to disagree on - Amazing Grace

Here are pictures of Ms. Spooner's emerald gown, as well as other interesting costumes that appeared around the same time.  

In this scene, Barbara and William are trying to aggravate theirs host and hostess by arguing, but first they must find something to disagree on.

June 22, 2010

"Entirely Unmarried" Barbara Spooner - Amazing Grace

I just love the costumes from this early 1800s film!  The movie itself is good too (though they could have emphasized his faith more). So here are the pictures of the costumes of Marianne and Barbara at the Pump Rooms.  This may seem ridiculous to some of my readers, but trust me, sewing geeks, or geek-want-to-bes, myself included, drool over this stuff.  Perhaps it is a disease...if so, it is certainly contagious! Beware! :-)

 This is the scene in which Barbara and William are both "entirely unmarried".  Love that scene. :-)

June 21, 2010

Little Tykes...

I found these little guys in a Stampin' Up catalog and couldn't pass them up, they were so cute.  So I sort of copied them into my water color diary.  I can't think up this stuff by myself, but whenever I copy off someone else I'm very pleased with the result.  So I suppose I shall continue to follow others till I've enough creative juices to stand on my own artistic legs.

June 10, 2010

Own Your Look 2010

Joann Fabric's make your own prom dress, and make it yours contest!  I made my first formal dress, and have entered the contest.  We will see how it goes!   Here are the nitty gritties for all of my followers who love sewing as much as I do!
I knew that I wanted some the folds and drapes of the turqoise blue dress(Jenny and I have affectionately dubbed them cupcake skirts) in the pattern below in my dress, but I didn't know what else.  At first I thought I would just make the pattern, adjusting the neckline and then have a lot of fun with the bolero.