October 19, 2008

Apple Crisp



4 cups apples (sliced like for pie)

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons flour

½ cup flour

½ cup quick oatmeal

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup semi-softened butter


1. Mix the first group together in bowl.

2. Place in a greased baking dish

3. Mix second group of ingredients as for pie crust and sprinkle over top.

4. Bake at 350° for 1 hour

Greased pan
Mixture in the pan
Topping on the mixture
Just out of the oven
Ten minutes later....:)

Recipe courtesy of Grandma Judy

October 18, 2008

My Saturday

Emily woke me up at 7:30 (we sleep in my bed together) with a fever. This was no surprise because Emily had one last night. She really is a good kid, and I didn't have to do anything with her. Since I thought she would be low-maintenance, I did not pay much attention. I started making my brothers costumes.
Emily came to the fabric store with me, and, it being around halloween, there were lots of costume accessories out. Emmy found this mouse mask, and since I wouldn't buy it, I took a picture.
In other news...Emmy left alone + scissors = -bangs. Sorry to get into all that hard math.:) While I was slaving away, Emmy grabbed the scissors and gave her self a hairdo. I did not notice till 4 hours later.
I brought the sewing station up stairs so I could keep an eye on Emmy.
The pattern I bought.
Directions, directions, directions.
Hudson's half finished "blouse"
I will wave my wand and "bibbity-bobbity-boo" it will be Than's "blouse". So to speak...

Did I tell you that my Dad was in Chicago for the week? Well he was, and my Mom went to stay with him last night. It was fun, and we got to watch a movie.

October 16, 2008

Costume Progress

On my costume so far I have the lined bodice sewn to the skirt. The skirt was surprisingly easy, and lining the lining up perfectly was the only hard part of the bodice. Yesterday and Today I have been working on the sleeves, they should be done soon. Also, I have convinced my brothers that will be going to the fair to wear costumes. So now I have to whip up a pattern for both of them. I will use the same one for both of them. Should I just make them just the "blouse"(my brothers hate that term) and the vest so that they can wear it with blue-jeans? I'm not sure, and I don't really have time for a lot. Any suggestions? Anyone who wants to help? :) Just kidding.

October 15, 2008

Tagged Again!

I have been tagged by Sierra.  Thanks Sierra!
I am supposed to say six things that I learned in the past month, then tag six of my friends.  So here goes.

1. I have learned how to make apple crisp.  (recipe to follow)

2. I have learned how to make a convergents quilt.

3. I have learned how to tell if a verb is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person in Spanish (amazing, huh?)

4. I have learned how to throw the frisbee better.

5. I have learned, once again, how hard math can be!

6. I have learned how to be more patient with my brothers. (and sister)

This took me a long time!  It is amazing how much you don't retain when you learn!  I have over the past few months been (and am) learning to play the hymns by chord, which is really fun.  But I haven't "learned" it, so I didn't think it worth including.  Now, I will tag six people.  Please don't feel like you have to do this, but it is sorta fun.  I just tagged a bunch of people last go-round, so I hope you don't mind doing it again!

3. Jesi
5.  Ashly

I hope you all learned more than I can remember at this moment! :)

October 12, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but there isn't anything to post about unless you like hearing about my very boring life. So I will post some things that have been heard around the house lately...and try not to complain about school.

Earlier today when it was quiet, I was reading all of your blogs. Then I decided to tune in to the "Emmy station". Let me explain. Emily usually just blabbers about nothing, so I have learned to tune her out. She was tucking her doll into a blanket on the chair before she went "shopping" with her favorite cart.
"Now go to sleep Susie, and don't worry, I'll be right back. I'm just going shopping, so don't get scared."
I thought that was really cute. Something that was also said today, actually, earlier tonight, was from my Mom. This doesn't happen that often, but when it does it is funny. We were talking about buying Fireproof on a DVD, and mommy was doing her menu plan on the computer at the same time. She was asking for meal suggestions and somebody said chicken-pot-pie. My mom then, who was trying to be part of 2 conversations at once said...
Before she knew what she said everybody was laughing. But my Mom has such a good sense of humor, good ole' Moms! Lets here it for them.

In other news...My Dad goes to Chicago tomorrow and stays till Friday, actually, Saturday. My Mom is going to stay there with him on Friday night, and go around in Chicago on a date on Saturday. So we are by ourselves Friday night.

P.S. Costume progress to be posted soon...

October 6, 2008

Hobo Stew

On Friday our family, and my Grandma Judy, went to a friends' house. Every year (so far) Mr. G throws a party for his friends. Most of the friends are friends from work, and he works with my Dad, so we have been invited the past few years. There are some kids there, but I didn't know any, so I hung out with my brother Nathanael. The main event is the huge fire, "Fred's Fire". What we eat is called "Hobo Stew", In a huge cauldron 40 pounds of beef is cooked, along with chicken broth. Then when everybody comes they bring 2 cans of vegetables or something to add to it. You get a very interesting variety of things, but it is always very good. Next to the cauldron there is a pot about 1/3 third the size, and it is VERY Hot. The most heat tolerant people my Dad knows say it is way to hot. The "Chef" said that he put half of a gallon bag full of crushed peppers from his garden in it! One lady there did not know how hot it was, but knew it was too spicy to have by itself. She had 1/6 hot stuff, and the rest normal, but it still numbed her lips. I know this is a very boring post, so here is some funny stuff. During the hay ride...I guess I should tell you about the hay ride first. In the big one they packed 23 kids. You could not sit down without hurting someone's feet. I felt really bad because I was the oldest one there(except for some older girls who only rode half the time) and I was always sitting on some little squirts feet. :( There were so many kids that the tractor could not get up the hill, so I hopped off when the driver wasn't looking and pushed. It actually worked! Then I had so run to catch up and hop on. One time as I was hopping on my pocket caught on something and ripped a hole in the back of my pants.:O Thankfully I was wearing a very long sweater, and we left relatively soon. It wouldn't quite have been a night though without stranding my little brother on the pulley operated lifting thingy, so we pulled him up, then when he was ready to come down we tied the rope to a tree and threw a coke and piece of bread up to him. Alas! It didn't last, we had to go 5 minutes later. You may think this was mean, but he actually enjoyed it immensely. The view of the fire was spectacular from up there. Here are some pictures. Now back to school for me. :(
The pond, from the house, at twilight.
The flames were about 42 feet tall.
Did I say Cauldron?
The chef.
Sticks, the house, the pond.
another picture of the pond.
Before the fire.
Grandma, Jamie, and Daddy
Me. No hands!
On the swing.
See what I mean by BIG swing?
Me again.
Than on the swing.
Emmy on the big swing. Don't be fooled, unlike me she is very photogenic, she was yelling for me to take her off. As soon as you say "Smile Emmy! we're taking a picture!" she smiles ever so sweetly, then after the flash...I'm gonna fall! take me off!
In the process of pulling him up.
Okay, this one I can see on my computer, but I don't know if you will be able to see it on the blog. It is an airplane in the lower left middle, and the International Space Station in the upper right of the middle. I couldn't quite catch it in the photo, but It was very bright.

No, there wasn't any singing. :(
The fire's first collapse.
Come on Than, you're only 20 feet up!
The rope.
Our lousy knot. (we forgot how to do the taught-line hitch)
Still stranded, but with refreshments!
On the way out.

October 2, 2008


I have been Tagged! Yippee! Hey, I have a right to yippee, it is my first time being tagged!"Lucie" has tagged me, so here are the rules:

If somebody tags you, you have to tell 6 random things about yourself, then tag 6 other people. Then, you have to tell your tagger. (It's also a good idea to tell your tagged people)
Some of the many random things in my life...
1. I LOVE to play dress-up
2. I disdain make-up
3. I am a flop of an actor (no drama for me!)
4. I Do Not drink coffee (sorry Jesi:)
5. Both of my grandmas are avid and great quilters
6. I love to play Ultimate Frisbee
So......  I am going to tag
1. My Mom at Organized Everyday
2. Jesi at My Point Of View
3. Elissa at Proverbs 31 Maiden
4. Erin at Erin's Artistic Exprissions
5. Lizzy Brown at Tinker Girl's Blog
and last but not least...
 6. Ashly at Ashly's Blog
Ok, can't wait to see how you all are random too!
I didn't know how long this would take!  I have already missed half of the VP debates!

My 50th post!

So, here is an update on school.
1. Write with the best
Ok, we had an assignment last week to write a descriptive paragraph on a person that we had to make up.  I had some fun with it and named my old gentleman Professor Piersol.  This assignment wasn't hard because I like to make up characters, but then My teacher read it in front of the class!  I guess this is supposed to be good, because she thought it was great writing, but aaahhhhh!  How embarrassing!  I do not find pleasure in my own writing!  So, this week we have to write a short story.  I am having trouble with the plot, but perhaps it will work it self out.

2. Math
I am doing Saxon Algebra 1 this year.  I never was good at math, but I am determined to get an "A" this year.  We are still in review, so it is pretty easy, almost fun! I can't believe I said that!

3. Spanish 1
Spanish is very fun and I am learning lot.  We are even learning some songs, but I wish we could learn hymns instead of the praise choruses because I only know 5 of them in English!

4. Art
I am in advanced art this year, but I can't say that I am really advanced.  It is very fun.  So far this year we have done 1 1/2 canvases (we are working on our second), a watercolor, a one-point perspective pencil drawing, and some chinese painting.

As a side note, I finally got a battery charger for my camera, so get reading for some pictures!