September 19, 2011

Casey - Class of 2012

Here it is!  My first official photoshoot ever!  And of course, by default, my first senoir!  This is Casey.  She goes to our church and is a fellow period drama and historical clothing enthusiast.   She is beautiful.  But then, I don't have to tell you that.  See for yourself! We took most of the photos at Lockwood Park, where she works with the horses mainly in the summer.

                Thank you so much for letting me take your senior pictures, for taking that blind leap and entrusting an amateur with your future... ok, not quite.  But thanks for being my first client!  Enjoy your 50¢. :-P Carolyn (my assistant) and I had SO much fun shooting and laughing with you!  Enjoy!

September 9, 2011

PWP 2: Days 5 & 6

Day 5
Today we edited our shoots from yesterday and prepared them to send to our clients.  At lunch we bid farewell to Amy and Peter and then got back to work.  Then we said goodbye to Ashley and Anntonette. :-(  Goodbyes are hard sometimes.  Thankfully, there is a thing called facebook. :-)

 More new bubble tea tryers!  Tiff's not a fan, and Anntonette no te gusta I'm afraid.  Oh well. :-)

 Moi, Anntonette, Ashley

Day 6: My last day in Portland, OR, dawns bright and sunny.

Andie and I on Saturday morning.  Andie is an amazing photographer, previous IPS student and now an IPS instructor!  She is SO much fun. :-)  Love you Andie! Check out her blog: A Visual Anthology.

And a last picture with the remaining hostel peeps. 
 Tiffany, Moi, Ashley, and Jacob

And here is the hostel.  Quaint little place, isn't it?  I have some good memories there. :-)

Then Jocelyn, Rowan, Maddie, and I went to breakfast, cleaned out the classroom, moved everything up two flights of steps to the Gillson's apartment,  went to lunch, went to Best Buy, and then I got dropped off at the airport!  Goodbye Portland!

 Just a reminder that Portland is indeed unique. :-)

PWP 2: Day 4

Well, here we are at the second to last day of class.  These weeks have just blown by; it feels we just arrived and got acquainted, but now we're about to say goodbye.

Today we learned about some more equipment and then geared up to go do our client shoot.  Anntonette and I were paired together to shoot the E children's portraits.  This family is SO much fun and they are all adorable, which make my job pretty easy. :-)  Here are a couple.







Thank you so much for letting me take your portraits!

After our big shoot we got to meet Christa Taylor and watch her organize a fashion shoot.  THAT was cool, and I got to meet Christa!

<-  See?  :-)