February 18, 2011

Caribbean Cruise Part 2 - Embarkation

   Ok, this is still Sunday.  It is getting on the boat and leaving a rainy FL.

A storm is coming! :-)

Jamie, with his xs.

Drawbridge!  Super cool.

Jamie, Uncle Gordy, and Nathanael
Uncle Scott
This pretty much sums up everbody.  SUPER DUPER UBER EXCITED!  Smiles everywhere. :-)
Cousin Katie and Hudson
Cousins Annabelle, Hayes, and Katie with Aunt Elizabeth

Dancing with excitement. :-)

Grandma and Grandpa!  The reason for the trip.

A pool, two hot tubs, two levels and a movie screen.  wow.

February 5, 2011

Caribbean Cruise Part 1 - Flight/Departure/Hotel

I'm so sorry at how late this is!  Our cruise was back in November, over Thanksgiving break.  We went with my Dad's entire family.  22 of us in all.  We were celebrating my grandparents 50th anniversary.

 In O'Hare Airport.
 Doing school...reading A Tale of Two Cities
 Emily wears her big brother's hat.
 All three brothers played together on their iPods while waiting to board.
 Views form one of the hotel windows.

 City Bokeh! 

 Amazing stuff.

 City alight.

 Lower pools
 Our great hotel.  Here is a little known fact.  Priceline is amazing!!!!!  We got this hotel that is normal $300+ a night for $75 a night both there and back!  SO cool.
 Very posh.  Sunrise reflection.

 One of the coolest pools ever!  There was a glass circle in the floor in the middle that you could see down into the lower pool through.
 Ft. Lauderdale skyline.  Our hotel was smack dab on the ocean!  

 Glass ceilings.  :-)
 Sunrise on the ocean.  My first ocean.  Yes.  I had never been to the ocean!
 It is amazing...

The love of God...
were the ocean vast of ink, it would drain the ocean dry!
(to describe it)
from a hymn that I can't remember the name of..grr.

 Seagulls!  Photo by Than, my brother.
 One of my favorite shots.

 Sunday Morning
 That same glass ceiling, from the bottom
 Westin Diplomat...Just the name sounds cool!

 Hotel fountains.

 Our rental car, another praise to the Lord and very cool.

 Beautiful, sunny, Sunday morning!
 LOTS of roundabouts.
 And hurricane evacuation signs...
 Daddy and Mommy were able to see some friends they hadn't seen for years!
And the rain.  How fickle is the weather in FL!  How do you all put up with it?