August 6, 2015

Taekwondo - 6 month update

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You may remember this post from 5 months ago about my beginning in martial arts.  I was so new, nervous, and excited.  Could I really do this?  Will this make me a more aggressive person?  Will this change the way people see me?  How far do I want to go with this?  Since then the nerves have turned into drive and the excitement into fascination.

-I CAN do this.  It's hard, but I can do it.

-TKD doesn't make me more aggressive than I was, but it gives me an outlet to be straight up aggressive instead of always passive aggressive. ;)

-Yes, it does change the way people see me (but only if they know).  It changes the way I see other people too.  My parents are proud of me and rarely fail to list TKD when they spout my list of achievements.  Embarrassing?  Yes.  Normal?  So much yes.  I love having parents who are proud of me, even if it is a little uncomfortable.  Emmy and I have been referred to as "resident weapons" at our church.  My pseudobros (guys being discipled by my family) give me an even wider berth as a half serious joke.  I make them hold boards I break just to remind them of what I can do every once in a while.  Haha!  This is why Mom says I have no boyfriend.  Maybe it's true.  #noregrets

-As to how far I'm going, I should think that is obvious -- first dan black belt!!  I have to get my black belt first, but then I have to keep working and perfecting to get my first dan stripe.  That's when I will feel truly accomplished.

It's hard to believe that I've already tested twice (one of those a double test) and accomplished my first goal: getting a green belt by the end of the year.  Not only that, but later this week I get to double test again! Blue and Brown belts, here I come!

Hopefully I'll get more photos, facts, and tips up in posts in the future.