October 13, 2011


Because doing french homework in cursive is just that much cooler. :-)

     Hello all!  I realize it has been a while since I updated you on my personal life.  So here is what is happening.  I'm a senior in high-school this year.   
At our homeschool co-op I am taking:
-Anatomy and Physiology : The Human Body by Dr. Jay L. Wile
-Algebra 2
-French 1
-Drama : Soda Shop Angel
I'm on a Model UN team, participating in FIRST robotics, starting a photography business, and staring in a movie.  Ok, so it isn't a full scale movie.  It is a homemade movie, but it is still going to be awesome.  It has been named E Pluribus Unum, you know, "Out of many one."  It's on our penny, in case you were wondering.  Joel made a trailer here.  We get to dress up and go see the premiere in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.  It is going to be awesome!  Because we have some pretty sweet and amazingly talented friends.  Anywho... Yes.  If is isn't obvious, I'm trying to start a photography business.  I'll be posting pictures here, but don't worry all you creative people.  I'll still be posting my sewing projects and such.

And, because catchlights are amazing, and I don't have any photos of myself....here I am. :-)

Have a wonderful night!

Julia - Class of 2012

Julia...You are amazing!  Guys, this Miss Julia.  She is in my graduating class at our homeschool co-op and I've known her for quite some time.  She is bright, bubbly, funny, and gorgeous!  She is also a very strong young lady.  Julia lost her mom to cancer only 3 weeks ago.  Please keep her entire family in your prayers.  Julia, I'm so sorry for your loss.  Thank you for spending the afternoon with me and letting me take your senior pictures!

I love how the blue in her outfit just pops off the bright October leaves. :-)

Julia was such a great model!  And she has the clearest blue eyes EVER!

 I think this is my favorite.

And just to show you how awesome she is, here is a picture of where she had to stand to get some of these photos.  And guess what, she loved it!  My kind of girl. :-)  

Thanks again Julia!

October 12, 2011

{Preview} Julia

Natalie - Class of 2012

This is Natalie.  She rocks!  Natalie and her sister Carolyn (my assistant for Casey's senior shoot) moved to Rockford only about 2 months ago, but we quickly became friends.  Of course, when you go on crazy lunch outings, go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, eat midnight meals, move furniture and clean up each others rooms together, how can you not be friends?  Anywho, Natalie is a senior this year so we treked downtown for an awesome photoshoot.  I must shout out to my brothers Hudson and Nathanael for tagging along and not only being bodyguards but making jokes on request.  So...here are some of the pictures form that day.

Natalie was so easy to work with and made my job super fun and easy.  Also, check out her outfits!  They are great.

*Leading lines!*

This on is my favorite I think. :-)

So Nat!

I LOVE this wall. :-)  I'll definitely be coming back.

Ahh!  My first rainbow flare!!!  Can you see it?  It's right there...that stripe right across the middle...see?  NO?  Well, it's there, trust me.

Love this one too...


Thank you Natalie SO much!  I had a blast.  Enjoy!