June 5, 2009

The author has gone...

YoYo Crazy!

My second favorite.  After my sister started playing with them my favorite one promptly got lost. :)

~Joanna K.


  1. What are these things exactly? : ) They look bright and nice! : )

  2. My goodness, look at all those yo-yos! Love the colors! :) What do you plan to do with them? Fun!!


  3. Ithilwen,
    They are fabric circle that you can make for all sorts of stuff, here is the tutorial I found that was really nice.


    They are really fun! You should make some for your quilts. :)

    Thanks! Some of these I am going to embellish a skirt with (I'll post pictures when its finished), and the others were just for practice. :) Maybe I'll use them as appliques on hand bags or something.


  4. Jo March (or Liza) was telling me the other day about how she had seen these on your blog and used them on a project that she was making and so I had to go and look them up:D Wow, that is a lot! Love the brightly colored fabrics.