August 10, 2010

Purple Flower Tank

Pattern: Simplicity 2603
Fabric: patterned purple flowy synthetic stuff. (very professional sounding I know).  It was made of the leftovers from this tiered skirt I made for my friend's birthday.  That is her, Emily, on the right.  I was pretty sure that I posted about it when I made it, but I can't find the post now.  Oh well.

I whipped it up in probably 1 1/2 hours, but it was kinda plain, so out came the scraps!  I had seen various tutorials on making rose flowers, so it wasn't to hard to just fudge it.  Originally I pinned flowers all around the neckline, but my mom said it looked like I was wearing a wreath when I asked her opinion, so that was quickly changed. :-)  Well what do you think?  And should I be more specific when describing projects?


  1. Lovely sewing project! I especially love the flowers on the neckline...very simple yet so elegant. Thanks for sharing, Joanna!

  2. Really cute. I love the flowers. I've learned that things look better in odd numbers: 1, 3, or 5 petals, flowers, beads, etc tends to look pretty. Your project is classy!