September 18, 2010

Corduroy Refashion

Have you ever turned a pair of pants into a skirt?  I had seen many people do it and thought it would be neat, but if I have any pants, they are generally very comfortable and to great to cut up.  Well, I did have this pair of Olive corduroy pants and they sat really low on the hips.  Far to low for me.  So I thought I would give it a try.  I just started cutting them up, trying to remember what I had seen others do.  They turned out pretty well, for only taking like 20 minutes, topstitching and all, but it was to short.  I seriously couldn't sit in them modestly.  So I added cut around the edge of a lace tablecloth and sewed that on the bottom, topstitching over the lace.  It is just the right length now, and I think I am going to be very satisfied.



  1. Wow, that turned out so pretty! I think I may try it as well.

  2. Perfect timing!! ;) I just posted on my blog photos of the skirt I made from jean capris.
    Your skirt is lovely! The lace adds a very feminine touch. =)
    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed it since I just did the same project! =)

  3. Love it, Jo! Now I want to make one myself...only problem is, I only own one pair of pants and couldn't bear to cut them up :P This might require a jaunt over to Goodwill :)

  4. I'm doing that right now! So cute!