November 19, 2010

My dear readers

(our boat)
   I feel like such an awful blogger. I don't always answer comments, it is sometimes weeks between posting, and yet I read all your blogs.  And don't comment, which is even worse. :-)  Everybody loves comments right?  Anyway, I will not be posting because we are going on a week cruise to the Eastern Caribbean!  I have 4, no, 5 sewing projects to post about, the Reformation Day Faire post to finish up, and lots of pictures, but unfortunately, you won't see anything for 10 days.  Sorry!  I leave you with a picture.

(one of our islands, St. Marteen)

images courtesy of Google.


  1. You own a boat, and an island? wow. :))


  2. I hope you have fun on your cruise!! =) How special!
    Looking forward to all the posts you promised. =)