February 18, 2011

Caribbean Cruise Part 2 - Embarkation

   Ok, this is still Sunday.  It is getting on the boat and leaving a rainy FL.

A storm is coming! :-)

Jamie, with his xs.

Drawbridge!  Super cool.

Jamie, Uncle Gordy, and Nathanael
Uncle Scott
This pretty much sums up everbody.  SUPER DUPER UBER EXCITED!  Smiles everywhere. :-)
Cousin Katie and Hudson
Cousins Annabelle, Hayes, and Katie with Aunt Elizabeth

Dancing with excitement. :-)

Grandma and Grandpa!  The reason for the trip.

A pool, two hot tubs, two levels and a movie screen.  wow.


  1. I wanna take a cruise. Badly. *sniff* ;)

    Thanks for sharing your trip! I've enjoyed looking at the great photos...it looks like y'all had an awesome time!

  2. A couple friends and I are starting up a new website/blog for set-apart sisters to connect and share. We'd love you to be a part of it! We are also looking for guest bloggers. Blessings, Hannah Rose