April 12, 2011

Masquade Gown Part 1

Our Spring Banquet at Hallstrom this year has a masquerade theme!  I was so excited when that theme won.  How often do you get to go to a masquerade ball?  I mean really!  So of course I'm making my gown.  I didn't want to go in a formal and just wear a mask.  That doesn't fill the masquerade bill for me. It you are wearing a modern dress it has to be couture quality. :-)  Lots of folds and feathers.  Otherwise, you need to wear something historical, like a Marie Antoinette gown. :-)

I was inspired by Celine's Maire dress.

I am using Simplicity 4092

from fabric.com- Eggplant taffeta, fuchsia taffeta, and lace (I can't remember what it is called).
Lined and underlined with a sturdy pink tablecloth I got second hand for $5

I am overlaying the bodice with lace and beading it randomly with purple shell rocks, white freshwater pearls, and purple glass beads.

Stay tuned for further progress!
I'm currently having a lot of trouble with the sleeves... :-(


  1. I've worked with this pattern before. I found the sleeves difficult too. It confused me how there's the top part of the sleeve and the bottom part. It took me awhile to figure it out.

  2. For the sleeve, I remember it having a weird curve to it and that the pieces didn't quite seem to fit right, but I think by the end it turned out okay. I think so long as you match up the markings on the pattern, it should be okay. I posted the finished product of my dress that I made with this pattern at my blog: http://elegance-of-fashion.blogspot.com/2010/08/colonial-dress.html

    Hope this helps! :-)

  3. I would love to see a picture of this when you are done. Very pretty.