June 22, 2011

50s Polka Dot Jumper

My sincerest apologies.  As anonymous ever so astutely pointed out, this has been the longest 2 weeks ever. :-)  Life moves on.  I am still terribly busy, but I will endeavor to catch you all up on my latest sewing projects. First off... My polka dot 50s dress!
I used Simplicity 3673 view C
Fabric: Blue Leno Shirting from Fabric.com for $1.95/yd
Underlined in a white sheet.

I have been planning to make this dress for quite some time now, almost 4 years i think.  A couple of months ago I got this light blue and white polka shirting on sale and could immediately see it as a fun 1950s dress.  It was pretty sheer though, so It became obvious that it would need lining.  I delayed for a while because I wasn't sure how a separate skirt lining would look with the 12 darts.  I decided to risk using it as underlining and treat both fabrics as one.
  I spent a lot of time making the darts perfect and hand-basting every one of them to make sure it would lay right.

The Back
The Side
 I also served and hand slip-stitched the hem.  It was SO worth it. :-)  This is one of my FAVORITE dresses now.  I will definitely be making this pattern again.  I can't wait to make a 50s petticoat and see it poofed out!


  1. Darling! All you need now is a fabulous 50's petticoat underneath!

  2. Love it! Where do you wear all these dresses to?

  3. Jenny,
    Thank you! I know! I have net, I just have to do some research.

    I just wear them around the house or on Sunday. Dresses are so much fun. :-)

  4. luv the dress!! And I'm glad the 2 weeks is over now.=) lol