September 19, 2011

Casey - Class of 2012

Here it is!  My first official photoshoot ever!  And of course, by default, my first senoir!  This is Casey.  She goes to our church and is a fellow period drama and historical clothing enthusiast.   She is beautiful.  But then, I don't have to tell you that.  See for yourself! We took most of the photos at Lockwood Park, where she works with the horses mainly in the summer.

                Thank you so much for letting me take your senior pictures, for taking that blind leap and entrusting an amateur with your future... ok, not quite.  But thanks for being my first client!  Enjoy your 50¢. :-P Carolyn (my assistant) and I had SO much fun shooting and laughing with you!  Enjoy!


  1. Wow, I'd love to do a photoshoot like that. Very nice, Joanna!

  2. Those are awesome; significantly better than the ones I paid an inappropriate amount of money for! You've got a great career option here :)

    Along a similar line, what would it take to get you to come shoot Baby Grace someday? She's 4mo old and we have yet to have any decent pictures of her :(

  3. Beautiful pictures. :) I love her pink dress! So flowery, girly, and gorgeous. :)


  4. Nice job, Jo! Looks like you're learning a lot!

  5. Amazing job! Those photos are beautiful. :)