August 29, 2009

Sewing Inspiration

I have been so inspired by some fellow bloggers in the area of sewing lately. Who knew there were such talented people out there?! I've always followed a patterns, for the most part, but these women/young ladies think outside the box. They have really good tips, tutorials, and and ideas on their blogs.
There has also been a lot about drafting patterns recently.
Draft: a. A preliminary outline of a plan, document, or picture.
b. A representation of something to be constructed.
( *sarcasm*Would you believe it was the only the 12th definition!) :-)

Please enjoy!
Of course, if you've been visiting my blog even for the slightest bit of time, you know that I mostly sew clothing. I do make handbags/purses/totes and have *cough* made a quilt(which was turned into a bag). However, I find clothing the more exciting and rewarding.
Another source of inspiration, of course, is the patterns themselves. Recently Joann Fabrics had a sale where simplicity patterns were 5 for $5, the limit was 10. I got 10. :-)
I got costumes, for the most part
but I also got two nightgown patterns, because we have a couple yards of the softest light green baby fleece you can imagine sitting in the cupboard downstairs... My first attempt at drafting will most likely be making my little sister a gown to match, and I sincerely hope it turns out, because she is SO excited.
Speaking of Emily, I also got some costume patterns for younger girls, so when she gets big enough she will not lack dresses!

And back to the world of bussines I go!


  1. Jo! This is soo funny! We just went to Joann Fabrics because of the sale too! I only got six patterns, (five costumes and a robe) and none of them were the ones you got. I did look at three of them, but finally chose different ones. You'll have to tell me how they turned out, 'cause I'd like to make #2573 sometime. :)

  2. I don't plan to make them all in the near future, but I'm am excited and will definitely post about it when I do!

  3. Which patterns did you get Liza? I'm always interested. :-)

  4. Thanks for asking about the tags, you're more than welcome to do them both.

    P.S. Your photography is good!

  5. The patterns I got were:
    4092 (I'm going to have to modify this pattern slightly to make it work)

  6. Oh, and the sixth costume was one I purchased for my Mom, because she's making costumes for my three younger brothers and one younger sister (actually, the pattern is #5520, the one you got for Emily!)

  7. :-) I understand what you mean when you say you'll have to modify that one.
    4055 is very nice, but be sure you read the measurements and don't just make the size you normally wear...when I did it turned out way too small. :) Hope that helps!

  8. Thanks for the tip! So, if I measure around a 12, I should go ahead and do a 14?

  9. Hi Jo - how have you been doing lately?

    I've tagged you for a meme:

  10. No, not necessarily, if you read the measurements and you looked at the pattern and it came out to a twelve then do a twelve, but if you are totally oblivious(like me) and make the size you wear in pants/dress etc, then it will be to small. :-)