September 2, 2009

A tag...

This tag was from Elise, Thank you!

-Thank the person who gave the award to you

-Post ten honest facts about yourself

-Pass the award onto seven others.

1. I'm not fond of my geometry teacher.

2. I don't know what I want to do about college yet.

3. I have way to many articles of clothing.

4. I like Narnia better than The Lord of the Rings...I think...

5. Ah...public speaking isn't as bad as I thought it was...

6. I'm turning into my mom...

7. I don't know wether this is supposed to be embarrassing things or normal things or what!

8. I enjoy foreign language

9. Biology really isn't that bad at all.

10. tags are not my forte!

Blogger is goofing up, and my formatting mixed up, sorry. I tag... the first seven people to comment, because I don't have time to do links!