October 23, 2009

Concerning swings...

Thought provoking.
Oh, how to describe it?
Ok, so does anyone else just love swings? :)
We haven't had one for the longest time, but we finally got down to business and just made it. Of course, there is only one, and it is for my little sister. :( So it is a little small for my 5 foot 11 inch frame. However, it made for a nice Father-daughter project for Emily and my Dad and I. Enjoy the pictures!
Emily sports a funny face in the shop.

Just us girls

Emma snooch

Daddy and Emily


Getting ready to put it up. Got to love the blowtorch. :-) Perhaps not the most feminine, :/ but they are SO fun.

And Emily steals the camera. Ok, so its not the best photo, but I'd say its a good candid shot for a 4 year old. :-)

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  1. We're looking for a place to put up a swing on our property. We just moved out to a ten acre partially wooded farm, so we might even have space for two :)