October 27, 2009

Tristan and Isoide Sharing the Potion

Tristan and Isoide Sharing the Potion

Edit: aka Isolde

1916 ~ Oil on canvas

Private Collection

John William Waterhouse


  1. I love that painting!
    But I actually think the name is 'Isolde'

  2. That is a beautiful painting!

    I know that you draw, but have you also tried painting any?

  3. Earwen,
    Thanks! When I looked it up, that is the title that the Waterhouse site gave me, but there are multiple names for many of his paintings, so I'm sure that could be one.

    I do paint, but nothing really worth posting. :-) At our co-op I was taking art, so I would paint and sculpt a lot more often, but it didn't fit in my schedule this year. :-(