July 5, 2010

Feelin' Feminine Challenge Day 1

The fourth of July!
Emily is hosting the challenge this month!  Thanks so much Emily!
I actually wear skirts most of the time anyway, but the challenge to do your hair in different feminine hairdos is more of a challenge. :-)  I'm slowly becoming less of a ponytail girl.

So today...
White tank from Walmart - approx. $6
Red wrap-around top - Thrift store a while ago, probably not more than $5
Blue denim wrap skirt from Tznius.com 

I'm not pouting. :-)  But on Friday I was stung on my upper lip by either a wasp or a hornet, and even though the swelling goes down significantly at night, it is back in the morning, and hurts to smile.  Not to mention when I do it is a really weird clownish smile. :-)  I'm especially thankful to all the lovely ladies who helped me with lavender oil, honey, baking soda etc.  It actually helps a lot.

I got up earlier than usual and curled my hair with an iron for 45 minutes...yeah, not something to do everyday, but I love it, and if I practice it wont take as long.

Looking forward to seeing your outfits!


  1. Cool! :D I really like that outfit. :)

  2. Very pretty outfit, Joanna! I'm so glad that you're joining me in the FF Challenge this week. Have fun! :)

    In Christ,

  3. I really like this outfit! Cute shoes too. It's too bad that red top came from a trift store. =P