July 26, 2010

God Speed

God Speed
a.k.a. A Lady's Favour
1900 ~ Oil on Canvas
Private Collection
Edmund Blair Leighton


  1. I love this picture! And I really love it when you post up artwork like this. There are so many beautiful paintings out there to be "discovered" :) Where do you find them all?

  2. I'm glad you enjoy it! I love them too. Now...as to where to find them. Some of them I saw used on another's blog, but it doesn't say who painted it and it is very small. So I go scour the internet looking for the date it was finished, who did it, what it is called, and where it is now. Then I put all the info up with a big picture and call it that! Also, find an artist you like, say like waterhouse (except he does TONS of nudes) and google him. You'll come up with all sorts of paintings by him that you've never seen but love, then you find the info you can about them and post them! I do some flowers, but mostly people, because I LOVE what they are wearing! As a seamstress I drool over stuff like this.

    Wow, that was long. Anyway!