October 19, 2010

Finished Flowered Knit dress

It is done!  And here are the details...
I made a short version of view A from simplicity's pattern 2580.  For the beginning see the previous post, or click here.

This was a very easy pattern, you almost don't need the directions!  However, I did read them, like a good little girl and noticed that they didn't really tell you what to do with the neat little "flutter" sleeves.  I  pinned from the top and crossed them over at the bottom.  Since it is the underarm seam it won't be seen very often, but it looks nice anyway. :-)  
I had a hard time hemming the sleeves though.  The combination of sharp curves, stretchy knit, and metal pins made it quite stressful.
Per the previous post you all know that I felt the dress was uncomfortably short. I would sit down and it would come up way over me knees.  So I added a ruffle.  It was already hemmed because it used to be the bottom of a rather full gored skirt.  Gotta love recycling!  And I didn't have to hem anymore knit, which made me even happier.

The "sash" is *cough* navy bias tape.


Here are the side and back views...
Stay tuned for pictures of my celtic costume!


  1. WOW!! Wonderful job!! =)

  2. It looks very nice!! You did a great job!!

  3. So cute! I like it a lot better now, Joanna. The ruffle is so girly and feminine--love it!

    Elizabeth Rose

  4. How lovely, Joanna!
    It looks very comforable and lovely! The fabric choices are nice, too! Hopefully you'll be able to wear it for a while before the weathers gets chilly. Blessings!


  5. That turned out really sweet! I love it :)

  6. It turned out great! I love it!