October 15, 2010

Flowered Knit Dress Progress

So...this has been quite the sewing week, despite my raw throat and cold.  Yesterday I whipped this dress up out of some lovely tan/green/lime/aqua/navy/yellow-gold flowered knit that I got at Joanns.  It was red tag, so it was probably $2.50 a yard.   I used the above pattern, Simplicity 2580 - view b with the flutter sleeves.

Now the dilemma.  Wouldn't be posting if there weren't a catch right?  Just kidding. :-)

It is too short, to slinky, and too...loud/printy/?

I don't know, something is rubbing me the wrong way, so I'm adding a blue microsuede ruffle at the bottom and maybe a very skinny sash type thing to break up the, you know, the print.

Can you tell I don't sew in big prints very often?! :-)

Anyway, good pictures of the final product and a full review on sunday or monday!


  1. I agree--it is a bit too short and tight. However, I like the fabric, and I think the colors look really good on you. Could you lower the hem? Or could you wear leggings underneath it? That would take care of the shortness.

    Overall, I still think it's really cute!

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. I think the ruffle and sash is a good idea! It would add a little style to the dress and cuteness!

  3. Oh, Joanna, it is SO, SO cute! I LOVE it!! =) Actually, I've been wanting to sew a dress for the longest time, and I too have my eye on this pattern. The sleeves are just way too adorable!
    I can't wait for the finished photos! The sash and ruffle will add a lot, I think. =)
    Thanks so much for sharing. I'll have to look for the pattern now that I know what it looks like in real life. =)

  4. Hey Joanna,

    I think the print is lovely, actually. I'm not used to prints, either, but I really like it. As to the other concerns, it looks a bit short. If you do add a different color at the bottom, I think a belt would tie it together beautifully. I think it would be neat to layer the extra under a bit so the print still ruffles over it, looking like a dress and a revealed lining or slip, rather than a dress with a sewn on band. Just a thought!

    Happy weekend!

  5. CUTE! I can't wait to see the final product. :)

  6. If you mean by "other things" my other story, I have some good story that you can read by clicking this link: CLICKY ME. Some of the top posts are just misc information where my book is mentioned. But towards the end I add excerpt and such. And as to my old versions, no one will probably ever read any more of that. :) Unless I find something that's just too laugh-out-loud funny.

    Awel P.

  7. ok i totally don't think it's either too short, tight, or slinky...look fab imho

  8. I really like the print (I'm so scared to sew with large prints too - or wear them. I like the way they look, I'm just chicken)! I think that a sash and ruffle will really help it, though. The sleeves look really pretty!

  9. Thanks everybody! I have finished it and hope to take pictures, but I forgot yesterday and it is so cold today...I'll post the finished product as soon as possible, which might be Wednesday. :-(

  10. Joanna,
    It seems to me that this dress is a little bit familiar. =) I haven't looked at your blog for a while now, so I didn't see this little preview before Sunday. I thought the dress looked really nice on you. It was wonderful to see you again.

  11. Haha, yes you did see it. Thanks for saying so! It was great to see you too! I wish we had more time.