October 1, 2011

Refashion: Blue dress Mod.1

One of the elders in our church got married recently to the nicest lady from Iowa.  She and her daughters are SO much fun and we are all happy they've come to live here.  Mrs. W picked out this dress to wear but it needed a little help, so one lovely Sunday afternoon she brought it over and my good friend Shannen and I got to work.
 Here is the before of the front and back...

We added triangles of pleated fabric to the front and back to raise the necklines.  Shannen took over the pleating and I worked on sleeves and sewed it together.

We talked it over and agreed on a flutter sleeve, so I based it off of Katrina Casey's Liesel Pattern sleeve but skipped the elastic.  Sewing the sleeves on was a little tricky, but I found a way to do it so that is looked good and felt fine.  The sleeves have a lettuce hem.

And here is the after of the front and back.

It was a very small wedding, but I was able to find some pictures from the actual day on facebook.  I'm not sure who took them.

What do you think?

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