September 11, 2012

21st Century Dressing Gown

So my family thinks I'm nuts, but I think it is pretty cool.  I mean come on!  Don't you sometimes wish you were born a couple hundred years ago?  Well we can still dress like they did to a degree. :-)  I, for one, don't like walking around in my pajamas right after I get up and before I go to bed.  What to do?  Make a dressing gown!  a.k.a. a robe. :-)

Pattern: Simplicity 2739 view E (robe)
Fabric: Comfy throw blanket from goodwill.  Shocker, I know.
Sage green grosgrain ribbon from my stash
white piping from my stash

The blanket was not a knit.  Even so it is super comfortable.  It was loose-woven yarns. As you can imagine it wanted to stretch out of shape and fray like crazy.  I didn't want to take any chances so I serged around every cut edge of every piece.  It solved the fraying and edge stretch splendidly!

The bulk of the fabric could still stretch though so the entire robe ended up a couple sizes to big.  Que taking in all the bodice seams.  There are really only three. :-)

It is still a little big so if I want a snug fit I have to bring the ties to the back and tie it in a bow there. I added the ribbon to the edge of the sleeves to tie in the color.

I was afraid the neckline was going to stretch annoyingly so before it had a chance I finished it off with piping.  I never knew how much I liked that stuff.  We have a piping foot and it works like magic.  It is SO easy!  I'm going to have to make some more piping and put it on lots of projects. :-)

I added length to the pattern because I wanted it floor length.  With the stretch of the fabric though it drags the floor like an elegant train.  The one thing I didn't "fix."

Overall super comfy and elegant.  Seriously, listen to me, as soon as you put it on you feel 30 times more feminine!  Even in your PJs (cami and sweatpants) you feel like a princess.  Good stuff guys.  Good stuff.  Let's bring this fashion back ok?  Ok.


  1. Ah, so fun! You look like some sort of elvin princess. ;D

    1. Thank you! Is there any higher compliment? :-) I think not.

  2. That is beautiful! Love the "train" as well:)


  3. Very gorgeous and old timy! Looks like conservative long dresses interest you and you equally look good in them...