September 21, 2012

Update: Life

Hello all!  103 followers?  Wow!  Thanks guys!    It has suddenly gotten quite chilly here, which is unfortunate because I just made two new adorable summer dresses!  Thankfully they are autumn colors and will work wonderfully with sweaters!

You can look forward to some posts on those in the future as well as some formalwear.  I made myself a dress out of curtain just to experiment with one-shoulder gowns and a friend loved it so much that she bought some gorgeous fabric for me to make her one!

Other awesomeness...

  • I think I'm going to start awkward and awesome Thursdays...I just love reading all of my blogger friends goings-on!
  • Audiobooks!  I listen to them while I sew and have gotten through 2 1/2 already!  Now whenever I look at a project though I think of the book I listened to while making it.
  • Conferences!  Some good friends (10 in all I think) are staying with us this weekend for our church's evangelism conference this weekend and I'm so excited!  Does anyone else get high off of hospitality?  
  • I start College next Thursday!  Yippee!  I can't wait to learn all this new stuff!!!
  • Sewing patterns: I probably have over a hundred now.  But come on!  They were only 99¢ a piece!  
  • Sheets.  Bedsheets from Goodwill.  Totes the awesomest way to get fabric to try a pattern and then still end up with an adorable wearable item!
  • French.  It is so beautiful.  I love learning it.
And in general, blogs.  Web logs.  I am going to start treating this sadly neglected blog more like a log and write pertinent things at least once a week, even after school starts. :-)

Happy cold and wet Friday!

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  1. Hi Joanna-
    so glad to see your update:) Looking forward to awkward & awesome thursdays! I'm so glad that you are going to blog more ~ I always enjoy reading your posts!