August 30, 2013

The Morning Chronicles...

Reasons you should get dressed as soon as you get up

  1. It helps you wake up.  Especially when you have to get up early.
  2. It helps you be more productive because you feel ready to attack the world, instead of wander around online till noon.
  3. It makes you feel good about yourself.  You feel put together and might even workout and eat a healthy breakfast instead of lounging all day.
  4. And, certainly not least, your brothers may have friends staying the night and not bother to tell you.  When they come upstairs you are completely flustered that there is an extra and rush to get dressed.  This results in seriously flawed outfits, fashionably speaking, and multiplied awkwardness.  
One or all of these may have happened recently.   SO thankful my pajamas are halfway decent.

The end.  Get dressed.