August 5, 2013

Fit for a Queen

I love dressing up on Sunday.  It is the one day you can do it without getting weird looks from either your family or strangers, so I take complete advantage.

You may remember this dress?  Yeah, it's more comfortable than sweatpants and yet more elegant a ball gown.  I love it.  Oh, and it's the only dress I own that is floor length on my 5' 10" frame.  Level up!  Here is it paired with
Crochet vest cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft (favorite!)- $4 at a garage sale
and a black belt. -hand-me-down

Queen Annes Lace with a purple split tone to make it jive with the dress. 

Did I mention this dress is elegant?  I love the flow it has when I walk.  I feel spoiled when I wear it.  Why haven't I made another?!

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