January 23, 2014

Longview, TX   22:39

It is hard to believe that I woke up 20 hours ago. A car ride, bus ride, plane ride, rail ride, plane ride, and a car ride later I'm sitting in bed writing a blog post.  Of all things Jo!  Go to sleep!  But here I am, and my heart is full.

In the airport today I came across a U.S. Army service man and thanked him for serving our country. The look of surprise and sincere gratitude in his eyes made my own well up with tears as I turned away.  I had forgotten how powerful a few simple words could be.  

How often do I swallow the words in my mouth instead of my pride or business? Anyone can hold back negativity, but that isn't enough.  I want to go the extra mile and say kind and true things, even to strangers.  I want to speak with purpose and I want my words to bring life to the hearers.


  1. Ah! Thanks so much for sharing this. Very relevant and very true.