March 9, 2015

Going through my journals and reading is such a good reminder of God's faithfulness to me.  I realized on my last perusal that basically all my entries are prayers consisting of rhetorical questions:
"How can I become (with the other saints? local saints?  unsure of context) that "dwelling place for God" in/by the Spirit?  Eph 2:22 I long to KNOW him.  After all, he is the one I'm living for, the one I will die for, and the only one in heaven for me.  forever.  Shouldn't I be, like, spending time with Him and getting to know Him?  Talking with him, and reading the "letter" he's sent me?  Because I love him, shouldn't I do what he says? (obidience of faith?) Shouldn't I strive to know what it REALLY means because I know him and want to honor what he has told me?"
This entry from over a year ago is a fairly typical sample.  God has spoken to me more through my act of journaling than any other spiritual discipline, except perhaps prayer (but the two normally happen in tandem).  If you're a linguistic processor I highly recommend it. :)


  1. So noble. Mine has a lot of complaining, a lot of mundane events, and a lot of dismal confessions.

  2. Haha! I complain and confess too, but it never ends there. As I write I can feel the Holy Spirit saying it is wrong and the next sentence is usually just the opposite of what i wrote. :)