March 14, 2015

Mango Coconut Ice Cream (Dairy free)

Being off of Facebook for a while means *cough* that I spend more time on my other social media.  As I scroll through my Pinterest feed I keep coming across these alternative ice cream recipes.  I guess ice cream is just so good that even sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, paleo -you name it- people must have their own version.  And that's fine with me. :)  I've tried the banana ice cream a number of times with varying degrees of success.  The raw cashew version looked great, but who keeps raw cashews in stock?!  So when I came across this delightful looking coconut milk recipe I bookmarked it right away.  Coconut milk is almost always in our pantry.

This morning I was sick of being sick and decided that ice cream was in order, except I didn't want to eat dairy products that would make me more congested or something with lots of processed sugar that would hurt my immune system.  Enter coconut milk ice cream!

I adapted from this recipe by Hannah of Immer Wachsen.  I used one can of coconut cream (just the fat part), about a 1/5 cup of honey, and half of a fresh, ripe mango.  I blended it for about 5 seconds, then put half in an ice cube tray and half in the bottom of a bread pan so I could test the different freezing methods.  I blended it up in our personal serve ninja cup because this small of a recipe doesn't make that much.  I ended up liking the bread pan version better, just so you know.  It was easier to manipulate.

And the taste?  Perfect.  My mom (who can't eat dairy) said it tasted like butter - in the best way possible!  It is so rich that the portions you see here were plenty.  It's a one-scoop wonder. :-) Dad and Emmy were the only other ones home at the time and both thought is was great.

The mango added the perfect amount of tangy with the sweet of the honey and exotic of the coconut. Definitely trying this one again sometime!

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  1. That looks delicious! I've had some good coconut ice cream but never homemade. Thanks for sharing; I'll give this a try soon!

    There's an Indian restaurant here that serves delicious mango ice cream, but you just know it's full of processed sugar. :)