November 17, 2015

Back to School Party

Because days like these are worth remembering:

Part 1: Swings, Frisbee, and Tie-dying

Because everyone knows that when your jam comes on, you do push-ups.


 Part 2: Water balloon fights and games

Probably one of my favorite moments.  Everyone put there phones here to keep them safe and then forgot about them.  We had a group of high school and college students interacting and having fun instead of staring at their phones. :)
Kara's face!!
The blast crater from the above balloon.
The balloon went to high and popped on the tree -- here their faces are anticipating the shower to come.

 Championship match.  Sometimes you get second place AND you get clobbered with the ballon.  Those are good times. :)
Good game

Part 3: Hymn sing at the Rock Cut State Park, s'mores, and sparklers. 

And summer passed happily away.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like an epic party! I'm always a fan of any game that involves water balloons. The tie-dye also looks fun!

    Love the idea of celebrating back to school/end of summer. My family has never done anything like that before, but it's such a great idea.