February 6, 2009

Concerning hair...

     I don't know about you all, but I have what I consider long hair.  Sometimes it gets hard to deal with, but I found this website that shows a whole lot of different styles.  Its very handy, especially if your mom is starting to get tired of the pony-tail look. :)  You just have to love Keira Knightley's hair in the above photo!  I don't know how they did it.  The picture is from "The Duchess" I believe.  Has anyone seen the movie?  I adore the costumes (not the necklines:] ) I have seen in pictures, but I also heard the movie wasn't very good.  HELP!  Is it?  Can I see it?  How do you all do your hair?
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  1. I read a review on www.pluggedinonline.com
    it's a christian review website, and they said it was awful, a lot of bad stuff it it, you should go read it.
    My family uses it a lot for see if movies are good or not.


  2. No, I haven't seen the movie. Sorry.

    I have longish hair and I guess what I say about how I style it is this: ummmmmmmm. I usually leave it down or pull two strands back and secure with a clip...the whole Narnia effect, you know. :)

    One word of advice, however. ALWAYS braid it for bed. My mom just finished getting my hair to be hair and not a birds nest. :( It hurt.

  3. Well, my hair is curly, so it is sort of hard to do it!

  4. and I love your new profile picture!

    Lauren Ann

  5. Hmmm, from the reviews I have read, The Duchess probably isn't a movie my parents will be letting me see anytime soon, LOL! Although I do agree with you, the costumes and hair are absolutely gorgeous - I guess we'll just have to enjoy them in pictures only for now!

    Here's a link to the review at Charity's Place:


  6. I haven't seen it, but I'v heard that it is really bad... just a warning :D
    P.S. that a beautiful hairdo!!!!!

  7. I have pretty long hair, but am not that good at fixing it........ I can do really neat styles on other people but not on myself. I LOVE the hair in that pic! If you find out how to do that PLEASE do a post on it! :) I

  8. Hey Joanne! Hmmmm....I like to wear my hair in half pony tail, frnch knot, pig tails,(they are different from the little girly style.LOL.), twisted clip thing, and thats pretty nuch all. My hair is not very long, NOT by my choosing my hair take FOREVER to grow! Anyways, my mama lyered my hair so I just blow dry my hair when I get out of the shower and i can pretty much wear it down.
    Miss Hannah

  9. Um...... Joanna? Have you watched the trailer? It says PG13 but....... I think it's more like "R" I don't know, maybe you should watch it...........


  10. Thanks all for your help! I now see that, uh... this is definitely not a movie I want to see. Anything that isn't a family movie, I think shouldn't be an anybody movie.


  11. Pony tails, down, flip-throughs and buns...that's how I do my hair. :)
    Hey, wasn't she in Pirates of the Caribbean??? She looks familiar.
    (And don't get me wrong...I do not favor those movies too much)

    In Christ,

  12. Yes, she was. She is a really good actor, but the only really good movie she was in was Pride and Predijuce. When she actually wore dresses in Pirates of the Caribbean, they were beautiful. :)