February 26, 2009

Pay It Forward!

Sorry that I have been gone, but I have been sick since Monday. But here is my motivation for a post...
I've won a prize from Pay It Forward on Hannah's Blog! I don't know what it is yet, because it is a surprise.

Well, since I've won something, the rules say that it's my turn to give!

Here's the deal:

The first three people to comment on this post, telling me what they think of my blog (anything I should change?...etc.), will win a homemade gift from me. I have to get that gift to you within 365 days. Lord willing, I'll get better soon, then I'll be able to get to you within a month...hopefully... :)

Then, those three people will hold a "Pay It Forward" giveaway and send another three people homemade gifts.
It sounds like fun to me! Let the race begin!


  1. JO!! It's the mom here. Tell me how to play!

  2. I really like your blog! - can't think of anything you should change.
    (oh, and I love your new header!)

  3. Um...that's a hard one...I don't think there is really anything you should change! I love your blog...Well, maybe you should change the blog so that there would only be one side with gadgets. (It's a little too much distraction when reading a post) But then again, it still would look fine with 2 sides...just a suggestion. :)
    In Christ,
    Sarah Grace

  4. I'm sorry, I hate to drop out of this after commenting here, but I'm going to have to.

    ~Hannah Jane