April 22, 2009

Atlanta Trip part 1

     Well, as some of you know, we went to Atlanta, Georgia this past week.  We went for the FIRST Robotics World Championship.  We had an amazing time, and even met some new friends!

Day 1: Monday morning we leave just after 10:00 AM.  Its a pretty boring ride to St. Louis, but bearable. :)  We took out the 2 back seats in our 15 passenger van to fit all of the tools and banners and other junk...I mean...very useful articles our team needed for the competition, plus luggage for 7 people.  All the tools bounced and made a lot of noise, but you become immune to it after a while.  We arrived at my cousin's house just in time for dinner.  We had a good time, especially since we haven't seen them in 3 years!

Day 2:  Tuesday morning we leave around 7:00 and start the trek to Atlanta.  I got to see quite a few new states on this trip, including: Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana.  I still haven't seen the ocean or the Appalachian Mountains in real life, but I will!  Going through Tennessee was gorgeous!  On US24 heading south, just before Chattanooga, there is solid rock on the one side with random waterfalls in places.  Just beautiful!  I didn't get any pictures that weren't blurry, sorry!  That night we sleep over with some new friends in Atlanta.

More to come!  Especially photos!