April 23, 2009

Latest sewing project:

An Easter dress!

For this dress I used a Simplicity Pattern, #2926, letter "c" I believe. (The blue one in the middle)

Mistake #1: I used a cotton knit! I have actually done this before, and I like the way it hangs, but it is a real pain to sew with. I also used a super satiny fabric for the lining, which, of course, frays A LOT! Thankfully we had fraycheck.

Mistake #2: I sewed the sleeves wrong! My wonderful grandma was nice enough to un-sew them for me though. :) Thanks Gram!

All in all, it turned out very nice. It wasn't that hard, and only took two days. My good friend Shannen stayed the night on Wednesday, then on Thursday we sewed all day. What fun!

A little tip: Make sure your iron is at the right temperature, I burned my fabric slightly!

Pleats on the sleeves
Darts on the neckline
Close up of the eyelet fabric


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  2. LOVELY! I did an easter dress, too! It's brown w/pink polka dots (the old Baskin Robbins colors. Just ask you parents.)

    I really like that pattern...was it difficult?

  3. Cute! I love brown and pink together.

    It wasn't really difficult, but it seemed like it because of the fabric I used. :)

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  5. Oh, soooo beautiful! Pepper would love it!