April 26, 2009

Atlanta Trip part 2

Day 3.1:  
Wednesday morning we went to Atlantic Station for some sightseeing.  We had lunch at the Tin Drum asiacafe, which was really good.  The Thai Fried Rice I had was great, and everyone else liked what they got.  After lunch we went to "Dialog in the Dark".  I would certainly recommend it.  
For an hour you are a blind person.  At the beginning your are given a cane fit for your height.  Then you are given the rules and ushered into a dark room with big square plastic seats that reminded me of ice cubes.  As you listen to a recorded thingy about how your senses are about to be "enlivened" and such, the lights that illuminate your seats slowly dim.  When the recording stops, the room is pitch black.  Nope, you can't see a thing, not even outlines of things.  Even so, through the whole tour I never closed my eyes. :)  There were seven small red LEDs over the exits, but that was the only thing you could see.  Your guide is either blind, or visually impaired.  
The first room you enter is a park.  There are things like real grass under your feet, rocks, trees, benches, and even a bridge.  Room number two is a grocery store, Room number three is a wharf, Room number four is a city street, and the last one is a bar.  They only served coke products though. :)  Can you imagine going through all of these things completely blind?

The restaurant 
Mr. and Mrs. D
Thai Fried Rice
Pod Thai
Hudson and Jamie
Dialog In The Dark
My Siblings
Living on the edge...
Most of the Duff Family

Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Yeah! I saw the LEDs also!


  2. That Pod thai was good! Although we switched from chop sticks to forks after two bites. ;)

  3. Cool! did you win the thingy??? ;?


  4. Wow! That sounds really interesting! Was the grass real? I was wondering if it was how they would keep it alive.

    I enjoyed reading your comment, thank you for writing me! In answer to your questions:
    No, I have not had any photography classes. I have read bits and pieces of different photography books, but never a course. I have mostly learned from experimentation. :D
    I use a Nikon D60 with an 18-55mm lens and a 75-200mm lens.
    I use Photoshop to add the watermark (and the watermark I wrote in Illustrator).

    Joyfully in Christ,
    Miss Emily Rose

    P.S. The photograph in your header is gorgeous!

  5. Awel,
    No, we didn't. I'll post about it soon.

    Emily Rose,
    Thanks! My brother insists that Canons are the best cameras around, but just about everyone I ask has a Nikon!

    My brother found the header on the internet, he won't tell me where he got it.


  6. And yes, I believe it was real grass. She told us it was, but I guess to interested in where I was going and what I'd bump into next to ask how they maintained it. :)

  7. Oh, how disappointing!! I was praying you would, but guess not!! ;)